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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ha-Phi Ha-Phi Joy Joy

We recently had a long weekend for Constitution Day or something, which meant that Ray and I flew down to Phuket with Alisa, her sister Shauna and her friend Melissa. We spent a night in Phuket Town (completely forgettable) and then took an early ferry over to Ko Phi Phi. We had a bit of difficulty finding a place to stay but settled in an out of the way place called US Guesthouse which was passable for our needs.
Ray got sick on the Thursday night, and wasn't feeling 100% until Sunday, so Saturday was a pretty low-key day for us. Mostly just relaxing...

Sunday we went on a snorkelling tour, similar to the one that I had been on before only this time there were over a hundred people on the boat rather than only about 12. It made for a different dynamic but we staked out a good place on the boat and had a great time.

It was tons of fun, and as usual, we all got too much sun. That evening, Ray had his first bucket at Apaches Bar. You never forget the first time...

It was a fabulous weekend, with only one bout of rain and only a tiny (two-hour) delay on the flight back; we arrived back exhausted and sunburnt, happy to have spent time together on a beautiful island.

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