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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vacation Day 14: Wrecked!

The second part of our snorkeling tour took us to a wreck site on the East coast of Bali. A U.S. naval fleet ship sank just off the coast and has become a popular dive and snorkel site. It is a long drive from Lovina, and when we arrived it was late morning and clouds had formed in the sky. This was sort of unfortunate because it meant that our visibility was lessened, but we still managed to see some incredible sights! At first, we were not too impressed with the beach- it is all volcanic stone, which is pretty rough on the feet! The water was also fairly chilly, since the sun wasn't out. Once again though, our initial impressions were washed away when we entered the ocean and saw the amazing underwater scenery.
The wreck is really big and is becoming covered in coral. The fish here were less colourful than the previous site but there were just as many and they were much larger. We saw a huge school of silver fish swimming in formations around divers, giant fish that were far too interested in us, fish that looked like they belonged on a dinner plate...It was another successful foray into the water!

When we were waiting for our ride to Kuta, we saw diving equipment being carried back to the vans- women balance incredibly heavy oxygen tanks on their heads, some without using their hands at all! Impressive!

The drive from the dive site to Kuta was fairly far but it was very scenic. Bali is a very beautiful island, with a varied landscape and interesting architecture. We weren't sure what a lot of the sculptures were, or what influenced the buildings, but it was still neat to look around while we drove the three hours to Kuta.

The most amazing part of the drive was by far touring through the rice terraces. I couldn't believe my eyes. It didn't look real...layer upon layer of rice paddies, tiny little people wandering about working, shacks and huts dotted throughout... I could only stare, the lush green surroundings mesmerizing.
We arrived in Kuta in the late afternoon and found a very reasonably priced hotel fairly quickly. We had a look around the town, which was FAR more bustling than the first time we had been there, and had another brilliant meal. The shopping in Bali is FANTASTIC- everything is so cheap, and you can find goods that are similar or nicer than in Thailand. We definitely fit in some shopping before turning in early again, exhausted from the adventures!

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