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Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Year's Resolution: Threeish months later

So, I used to post to the blog very regularly, in order to keep in touch with people back home and also to have an archive of my life that I could look back on.
I haven't been keeping it up lately...this is due to a lot of factors, including being home again and thus being able to communicate more immediately with people, as well as sharing the experiences directly with them rather than as an anecdote.
However, that does not mean that my experiences are any less meaningful; in fact, quite the opposite- I find that these days, I feel very connected with what I'm doing. I recall this weird sense of detachment often when I was in Thailand, like I was watching my life happen and not actually participating...but now, since I've returned to Calgary, I feel like I'm more involved in my life.
Which brings me to the resolution.
It has a few layers to it...
1. Take more pictures. I love pictures. My camera is sort of crappy, although I adore it for getting all the way through my many adventures in SE Asia. It's a bit broken now though, so this brings me to the 1a): Buy a new camera as a "first paycheque" treat.
2. Write more entries. I am back from Thailand and have no idea when I will go back, but that doesn't mean that I cannot write about what I'm up to. I liked it then and I see no reason why I can't like it now. Granted, I have less time than I did when I was living in Bangkok (it was really a very, very simple existence of leisure and adventure), so the entries might come less frequently, but I really think that I can do better than once every six months or whatever it's averaging out to right now.
3. Don't freak out about it.
I am well aware that these things might not happen. I really hope that I get a new camera and I really intend to use it, so I'm fairly certain that I can fulfill #1. However, I acknowledge that I haven't been writing, even though cool things are happening, and I might not start.
But I'll try.

Until next time,


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