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Thursday, December 21, 2006

So This Is Christmas

It's almost Christmas here in Thailand...it's a strange phenomenon, the love affair that the Thai people apparently have with Christmas. They don't celebrate any of the religious aspects of the holiday, but have adopted the decorative, consumptive Christmas that seems to prevail in the Western world as well.
For me personally, Christmas is a time to share with family and friends, a time when being a bit excessive and generous is perfectly acceptable. It's a time when we can enjoy comforts and not feel guilty about it.
Since the majority of my comforts are unavailable at this time, I have made some efforts to recreate the feeling of being home at Christmastime...this was aided by a package recently sent by my parents that had baking inside, as well as Christmas cards and trinkets received.

My little Christmas tree is pretty and ridiculous at the same time. "Let It Snow", proclaims the tree skirt (which, in itself, it hilarious considering the size and artificiality of the tree). A state of emergency has been declared in some of the Northern parts of Thailand- because it is 15 C. Snow is not in the forecast.

My Mom sent shortbread in the mail, which arrived in delicious, wonderfully scented smithereens. Since butter is remarkably inexpensive, I wanted to make some for my Secret Santa gift, and because I desperately needed to bake SOMETHING given the season, I tried my hand at shortbread in the toaster oven.
That little device is amazing. And though the butter here comes from those malnurished, anorexic cows we see on road trips, the cookies were pretty darn good.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
I miss you.

Until next time,


  • At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Mom said…

    Hi Heather,
    Your cookies look wonderful and your poor little tree looks lonely. You should have presents under it! Hope you had fun anyways. Miss you lots.
    Love, Mom

  • At 11:31 PM, Anonymous auntie Bonnie said…

    Hi Heather,
    Merry Late Christmas! We spent ours in Las Vegas. Vegas is the King of Consumption. There's so much STUFF (aka lights, food, shops, GAMBLING, people, etc.)that whether it's Christmas or not, the place looks the same. Talk about sensory overload! We were lucky that Auntie Sharon, Emily, Melody, and Auntie Sharon's Mom & Dad had decided to go to Vegas too! Our visits there overlapped on Christmas Day so we met up for dinner at the best buffet ever! It was great to be able to spend Xmas with family! And we always have fun with Auntie Sharon!
    Hope you had a good Xmas with your friends.
    Love, Auntie Bonnie


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