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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vacation Day One: Bangkok to Kota Kinabalu

Here it is, the first installment of what should prove to be quite the series of posts about my two week vacation!
We (Ryan, Ryan, Brian, Chris, Alisa and I) departed Bangkok on Friday, March 9 for Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, one of the districts of Malaysian Borneo. Much to our surprise, our Air Asia flight was relatively on time and we got there in the evening.
We headed to Borneo Backpackers Hostel, which I HIGHLY recommend. It was amazing: sort of a standard hostel in terms of facilities, but made incredible because of their remarkable staff. So friendly, so helpful, so nice! I actually found that the majority of people in Borneo were extremely personable, which is great when you're on a trip in a foreign place and you need all the help you can get!
That evening we got it started with a visit to The Black Room, this sketchball karaoke pub that you access from the street, up a flight of urine-soaked stairs. We walked in and I felt like the music should stop and everyone should turn and look at us- it was a small place filled with people who looked like regulars. The music kept playing and we settled in a booth, soon to find ourselves singing old, bad favorites and schmoozing with the locals.

Ryan sang some god-awful love song with this woman...while her boyfriend/husband silently seethed.

Alisa and I with our best "magnum" faces...

Ummm...that's a nice big pitcher of apple juice (sugar-free with added fibre, I swear) and I'm just displaying the Guinness for posterity. YECCCCCH Guinness. I mean, so I hear.

Expect the CD in the next few months...

A classic start to a fantastic trip: out till 4:30 in the morning, singing, drinking and eating with strangers! Right on!
More to come!

Until next time,


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