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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hitting a Snag

So, I'm currently trying to get a post up and the site is determined to foil my attempts. Hopefully it will be up tonight or in the next couple days, but I figured that if I couldn't manage to publish the real post I should at least get a bit of print up to keep things sort of timely.
Things have been good, it is quite a bit colder here than it has been, and I recently experienced all the cold that Thailand has to offer on a camping trip. It was only 5 C during the night!
School is almost at a close, with Friday being the last teaching day. After that I have a week of review and then final exams. We prep for the year-end concert for a few days then have the big event- more on that as it unfolds!
After February, I have a lot of travelling planned. In March we have a bit more than two weeks of vacation and I'm headed to Borneo, Bali and Kuala Lumpur. We have a week or so of work (camp) and then there's more holidays: I'm first going to Singapore and then Sukhothai and Ko Chang. I might try to fit in another out-of-Thailand destination somewhere in there.
I work a few more days and then my contract is up on April 30th, when my friend Andrea is coming to visit and travel! We're going to Cambodia, Vietnam, Krabi and Chiang Mai!
I will be back in Canada in June! There's much to see and do before then, though, so stay tuned for more posts- if I can ever get this bloody site to cooperate!

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