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Heather's journey to Bangkok, Thailand: a year of adventure!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


A few of us went to Ko Si Chang Saturday morning. Catherine, Darcy and Michelle had not been, so we visited many of the places we had gone last time I went there, but it was just as enjoyable.
This time, when we went up to the Chinese Temple, we hiked further to see the Buddha Footprint. It was quite a bit farther up but the view was incredible!!!

When we were on the way back down, we saw some people coming up in the little motorized cart. Too bad we didn't hitch a ride in it, would have saved us some time!

We went to the old palace ruins, too...this time, I took a picture of one of the worm corpses that litter the drains there, since I had already taken pictures of the grounds.

We saw another beautiful sunset on the lookout point. While we were there, a monkey walked up and down the side of the bridge; a little girl put out a hotdog for him...

Ko Si Chang did not disappoint: it was a relaxing, great weekend.

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