Heather's Thairy

Heather's journey to Bangkok, Thailand: a year of adventure!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Business of Being Busy

Aaah, my blog.
I'm sorry that you have been laid by the wayside as my life took very involved turns. I'm sorry that I have not yet completed the documentation of my adventures overseas. I'm sorry that you have not yet seen the remainder of the Cambodia wonders, any of the beauty of Vietnam, and no more of the exploration of beloved Thailand.
Instead, you lay in wait as I moved yet again, this time to Vancouver, where I now reside in a spectacular two bedroom apartment at the end of the Drive with spectacular Ray, where I work with varying degrees of success as a Supervisor (me!) of an out of school care program, where I drive my cute PochEcho...
Much to come, blog.
Someday, I will finish the saga of being abroad. And then, I'll start to tell my new stories.

Until next time,