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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Triumphant Return

Catherine and Darcy are back! They’ve been back for a little while now but I really needed to take some time to do such a momentous occasion justice on my blog.
We went to dinner one night at a new restaurant (that is, new to us). We weren’t really sure how it would turn out, but we were pleasantly surprised. There is a sushi train that also carries shabu shabu ingredients running through the restaurant- people sit at the bar or tables facing the train and pay a set price to eat whatever they want off the train.

Shabu shabu is cooking in boiling broth- meat, noodles and vegetables are added to bubbling liquid (in our case, what the waitress referred to as “milk” and chicken soups) until desired doneness. Our definition of “done” was “cooked for a really, really long time in order to avoid possible regrets”.
The sushi was fairly good, though there was not a lot of variety. The shabu shabu was really nice- we had a little menu to help us identify the meats and things rolling by, and everything is fresh and delicious with the sauce served.
The best part: I enjoyed this meal with two friends missed for the past couple months.

Welcome back!

Until next time,


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