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Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Culinary Exploits

When I first started blogging my adventures in Thailand, people asked if I did anything but spend time at the beach and relax. Now, I think people are going to wonder if I do anything but eat.
I do other things. I just care about eating a lot.
Thus, another post with pictures of my most recent dinners!

First, delicious roasted vegetables with feta cheese. SOOOOO good. I love how inexpensive most produce is here. It's really encouraging me to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Next up is the chili I made. I found chili fixings on our trip to Foodland and I couldn't resist making a big batch. I had it for three nights (in different preparations- straight up, in a burrito and in a sort of quesadilla format) with various condiments (what's up sour cream!!!). The yellow pepper was a great addition; sweet peppers are sometimes hard to find here but they are relatively cheap. I have about three more dinners' worth in the freezer. Total cost of about five dollars. Excellent!

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