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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Long Weekend=Long Entry

...presenting: The Ko Phi Phi Crew!!!

Aren't we fabulous?

This long weekend we flew out to Phuket, stayed a night at Patong beach, then took a ferry to Ko Phi Phi for two nights, then ferried back to Phuket and spent a night in Nai Yang. It was incredible!!! Our last-minute planning paid off in the end- we didn't decide what to do for the weekend until Thursday night, which turned out to be okay because we had Monday and Tuesday off and were surprised with Friday off as well!!! We flew out Friday afternoon and came back Tuesday morning.

We stood on the beach at Patong at night and looked out at the waves coming in...it was surreal, thinking about how two years ago the tsunami came in right where we were standing. There are pictures posted at Patong of people running from a massive wave, and it is difficult to comprehend how those people must have felt, and to understand what possibly happened to them seconds after the picture was taken.

The people of Patong are jovial and game for a good time, though...even if some strange foreign girl comes along wearing the same t-shirt as them, they keep smiling.
I LOVE those two pictures, especially because I'm about twice the size of that guy but I know he could destroy me with one punch. Thai people are deceptive that way- tiny little people with the strength of giants.

Speaking of destroying people with one punch, we watched some boxing in Patong.

This guy dripped sweat ALL over me...but I guess that's understandable considering he had just been kicking some other guy in the head for about 15 minutes.

We spent most of the night out because we didn't feel obligated to linger in our hotel room, enjoying the view...
There was about 6 inches of clearance between the window and the solid brick wall of the next building. I wondered what would happen if there was a fire...but then I remembered that the buildings are solid concrete and probably completely fireproof, so we (sort of) joked about how that was our tsunami escape. He he he...nervous laughter...

Ko Phi Phi is a small, barbell shaped island not too far from Phuket. Most of the establishments are in the centre of the island, which is about 200 metres across. Almost everything in this part of the island was wiped out when the tsunami hit. It was incredibly profound to stand where such destruction had happened and know how hard the people have worked to regain their way of life- and what spirit these people have to carry on the way they do.

The first night we went out for dinner- it was fantastic, I had Spaghetti Carbonara (of all things to eat in Thailand) and Shrimp and Squid with Garlic and Pepper. YUMMAY!

Then we went to the bar, where I met "Che", this fabulous bartender with maple leaf boxers. Don't worry- he showed them to US, we didn't ask!!!

There may have been some dancing...I absolutely ADORE Ilda's dancin' face.

There were fire shows on Ko Phi Phi every night- and I remembered to take some pictures!!! This show was put on by what seemed to be a family- two young boys, a woman and a man. We weren't sure if the woman and man are the boys' parents, though- many children were left orphaned by the tsunami.

The next day we went snorkelling!!! It was AMAZING!!! I saw SO many different kinds of fish- puffer fish, clown fish (Nemo), angel fish, parrot fish, and SHARKS!!! That's right, I swam with three reef sharks!

It was bound to happen eventually...the Titanic shot.

We went to a place called Monkey Beach, and there sure were monkeys on the beach...I kept wishing it was called Monkey Island: yes, Tim and Matt, I was thinking of you...PS- small personal shout out: Tim- I'm so sorry about UVIC. But I'm glad you'll be around for my convenience. Matt- you rule. My mug is wicked and envied. I am so cool right now at work- keep sending stuff or that'll wear off quick (jk).

I had a new roomie for this trip- and it was awesome! Alisa is so great. Too bad I woke her up one night with all my bug-bite scratching- that's right, there was another nasty round of biting bugs vs. Heather's legs, and I have to say that Heather's legs didn't stand up very well to the brutal attack of the bugs. Ha ha ha, my legs didn't stand up too well, I'm so funny...

It was full moon on Sunday, which always makes for a good party!

Alisa took this brilliant shot-so perfect for the full moon. It's so tricky- is that a gecko- ON THA MOON?!?!?!? Ha ha ha.

The trip was beautiful...it was so nice to do some new and incredible things in some new and incredible places.

Until next time,


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