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Friday, July 14, 2006

Which Way To The Beach

About a month ago, Alisa and I decided it was time to try out the gym in our building. I can't honestly say that it is a nice gym or a clean gym or even a relatively safe gym- but it is fun to spend time with Alisa and we both are benefitting from the exercise.
I like to go downstairs by myself sometimes, too, and ride the bike, listening to my iPod. Dad would be proud...
Anyway, I thought it was funny enough to post about on my blog, plus my post about Ko Tao is malfunctioning for some reason, so this is what's going up today!

Come on Heather- feel that burn!!! I wasn't aware until we started working out that I am capable of sweating from my shins. PS: No aircon in the gym makes for a sweat-riddled Heather. Stinky.

Alisa's getting HUGE!!! Seriously- she doesn't believe it but she actually has changed since the beginning.

The bike in the back is the one that I use. It is in better shape than the one you can clearly see in this picture: the white one has no tension, no handle grips and no screen. The other one, the grey one that I use, has tension and grips and a screen that doesn't work.

Our lovely selection of unmarked free weights. They make working out a fun filled adventure through the land of surprises!!!

A must-have for any gym: the G-Sport mystery machine. We suspect it is for sit-ups; I also suspect the name G-Sport is a poorly-masked play on words.

The 80's motivational pictures of ladies using the machines (which we don't actually have) are really swell. I'd give my right arm for one of those outfits. I hear they make you stronger...

Finally, my favorite machime. It's just like home...when I jump on the high-tech ski machine I can imagine the cool wind on my face, the mountain fresh air, the rush of gliding through the snow. Oh no wait- all I can smell is the carcinogenic paint they doused this bad boy in and all I can feel is like a goofball on a budget, recalled piece of junk.

Love it!

Until next time,


  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Darcy said…

    I typed "which way to the gun show" into google any your blog was the first hit :p

    Must be nice to know that every time you go to the gym you can hit the g-sport.


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