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Sunday, June 18, 2006

First Time For Everything

This weekend there was a Texas-Scramble golf tournament organized for all the schools at Kanchanaburi, about two hours outside Bangkok. It's where the Death Bridge site (The Bridge on the River Kwai) and other World War Two historical sites are, but we didn't visit any of those places this time.
No, there was only time for the first golf game of my life.
How many people can say that their very first 18 holes were played at a place like this?

We were in teams of 4 or 5, with people from the four different schools on each team so we could get to know each other better. It's nice to do things with the staff from the other schools because we become very isolated hanging out with the same 20 people all the time.
My team had (from the right) Soibhan, me, Simon, Jordan and Agga (not pictured), plus our lovely caddies. We each had our own caddy- in Thailand, everyone golfs with a caddy, who chooses your clubs (if you want them to) and finds your ball when it goes actually INTO a tree (but not the water, I found out) and puts your ball onto the green when your drive is short. Or so they did with our team.

I was pretty terrible at first, but I think I got better. I had a few decent drives and putts, and by the end I could hit the ball in the air fairly often but I always hit it way off to the right for some reason. Oh well, I guess LPGA Champion is another life goal I'll have to cross off that list...

Around the sixth hole we looked up to see that there was a rainbow or other phenomenon AROUND the sun. All the way around. It was really hard to take a picture of but here's some of it:

On a final note about Kanchanaburi- we ate at a restaurant called Apples, which came highly recommended by several people.
I could see why when I ate my Yellow Curry with Tofu- it was the best meal I have had in Thailand. It reminded me so much of Thai Away Home yellow curry in Vancouver that I almost cried...

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