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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Ah, the long awaited second installment in the bedroom makeover series.
Prepare to be amazed...

Welcome to Chez Heather. Take off your shoes, stay a while...yes, that is a new pair of shoes, I bought another pair of sneakers because my favorite ones (the brown ones on the left) are getting really grungy. Bangkok streets are not known for their cleanliness.

As seen in this picture: two of life's necessities when living in Thailand- a fan and a soccer ball.

Bedding- much better. Unfortunately the nice silk blankets bleed colour if they get wet, but it washes out so that's okay.
Thank goodness for my laptop and the internet hookup. My connection to home...

Aw!!! My little rug outside my washroom makes me happy.

My washroom makes me happier than it did before- not so scary. Although I have yet to use the "cleanser hose" for its intended purpose.

This is my favorite part of the room. I had to put all my pictures up on the side of my wardrobe because the walls are concrete and I can't stick tacks into them, or put up sticky tack because it leaves a mark. So everyone's really cozy on that one bit of exposed wood! If you zoom in and can't find yourself there, send me a picture and I'll put you up!

Well, it isn't the Ritz and it won't get into a home decor magazine, but with the resources I have I think it's not too bad. If we stay, I'll see about painting the walls and getting a table and chairs. I also want something to cook food in and something to put my dishes in.
But for now, it's where I live- and it's feeling more like home.

Until next time,


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