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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Team Building Thai-style

This weekend we went to Sida Resort just outside of Bangkok for school staff team building. There were 20 "farang" (foreign) teachers and about 120 Thai staff there. We did a bunch of activities with each other to try and get to know each other and maybe bridge some communication gaps. It was tons of fun and at a beautiful place...

We stayed in townhouse-style accomodation, with room for 8 in each unit. They were nice and well-equipped, except for the non-functioning water heaters.

The scenery around the resort was pretty spectacular- very green with lots of ponds and fountains.

There were a few resident chickens and roosters...they were a bit camera shy, probably because they knew we weren't too impressed with their crowing in the morning.

There aren't as many flowers in Thailand as I thought there would be, but the ones I've seen are beautiful. I don't know when the blooming season is, so perhaps I might find that Thailand is full of floral life later in the year.

If you look very closely at the above picture, you'll see a dark blue butterfly. It was about as big as my hand, but like the chickens, it was also camera shy, so I didn't get an exceptional shot of it.

After staying at the resort, we went to up a mountain with a waterfall.

There are several large rocks- large is an understatement, these rocks are as big as houses- around the waterfall. People have placed sticks under these rocks, and it looks like the sticks are holding the rocks up (which is ridiculous). We think maybe people do it either as a joke, or as a good luck symbol.

This experience is teaching me that people are alike all over the world- we all are different, but in many ways we are all the same.
Jome, on the right, is my Thai buddy. She is a teacher at the school and loves to dance and laugh (like all Thai women, it would seem!). We each were paired with at least one Thai teacher, our "buddies", who will help us with Thai and we will help them with English. Jome (who likes to be called Jenny) is sweet and funny and generous- she already gave me a present!!!

Team-building was a great experience and it made me excited about the year to come. My classes start on Thursday- I will post all about it soon!

Until next time,


  • At 11:10 AM, Blogger Alicia said…

    Hi Heather,

    Wow your pictures are beautiful. It sounds like you are enjoying yourself. I am so happy to see that you have a big smile on your face. I wish you all the best on your first days of teaching. I will be thinking about you and be happy that I have some more time before I start.

    I just returned from my trip to Maui. It was great. I love Hawaii and I loved Maui. It was so hot there. I have been cold since I got home yesterday. I went snorkling for the first time. It took me a couple of tries to get my breathing down and calm but finally I got it and i saw some amazing fish. That is all that is really new with me. I have been working full time and part time so I have been busy.

    I will keep checking this blog and looking forward to more pictures. Send me an email.


  • At 11:15 AM, Blogger Alicia said…

    Hi Heather,

    Your pictures are so beautiful. I am glad to see that you have a smile on your face and that you seem to be adjusting well. Good luck on Thursday with your class. I will be thinking about you... and how happy I am that I have more time before I have to start teaching.

    I just got back from Maui yesterday. It was a great trip. I love Hawaii and I loved Maui. I went snorkling for the first time. I drank some of the ocean at first but when I finally was able to relax my breathing I got to see some fish. It was so cool to be able to see them. There are some weird looking fish out there.
    That is all that is really new with me.

    Keep in touch. I will check back again for updates and pics.

    Take Care,



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